The main target and expected result of Action 1 is the proper, on time and within budget accomplishment of the objectives and actions of the project. Timely and high quality reporting to the Commission is the main indicator of success. Aim of project management is:

  • To ensure that the project is carried out according to plan, on schedule and within budget.
  • To ensure effective coordination and communication among project partners.
  • To ensure optimal communication with the European Commission on technical, administrative and financial progress of the project.


The assumption of an effective and operational partnership is plausible, given that:

  • Project partners have experience in managing large projects/budgets, including EU-financed ones;
  • The project is “mature” since the members of the consortium met several times and cooperated effectively for the preparation of this proposal.

The correct development of the project will require managers to be completely involved in coordination meetings, and to present all the administrative, financial and technical reports correctly and on time.

Reporting to the Commission in time: Submission of Inception Report, 1st and 2nd Annual Reports, Mid-term Reports and financial statements to the Commission will take place in time. Submission of the Final Report and financial statement / audit report to the Commission.

Project / partners’ management: The project management will be responsible for meeting deadlines and objectives, monitoring the work and the contributions of partners, controlling expenses, revision and presentation of reports.


  • Proper management of the entire provided resources, financial, human and technical, in order to maximize the effect of the project.
  • Submission of report to the Commission
  • Monitoring infrastructure on the projects progress and financial management