• Determine the exact technical characteristics of all the required components (constructions and equipment) of the pilot scale unit.
  • Proceed in the public tenders, acquisition, installation, construction and testing of these components.
  • Deliver the pilot unit ready and operational for initiating the new managing system.
  • Record data and information which will be useful in the completion of other Actions of the project.


Both TEIC and UOL has significant experience with designing, constructing and operating composting units. TEIC has been involved for a period of more than two years in the operation (monitoring and evaluating) of the first sun drying unit in Greece. Also has conducting the experiments lead to this proposal. Both groups have significant experience with manure management and treatment, where TEIC (as well as TUC) has been working with OMW for more than a decade. At the same time DCWGR and RWG has significant experience in conducting public tenders for construction works and also equipment acquisition.

It is estimated that at the end of October 2012 all relevant tenders will be ready and published. Taking under consideration the required by law time for the publication of the tender, the time required for decisions to be made and objections (if any) to be managed, is estimated that by end of end of January 2013, the relevant contracts will have been signed.

An estimated four to five months is more than adequate for the constructions and equipment presented bellow, to be installed and operational.

Constructions will include:

  • An open air composting unit, will be constructed from concrete. It will be 20 meter wide and 40 to 50 m long in order to be able to accommodate at least four windrow piles The surface will have a 1 % decline in order to collect the leachates from the windrows.


  • Composting surface will drain into a four 10 m3 subsurface plastic tanks. In these tanks that OMW will be introduced for been sprayed in both the composting area and the sun drying area. This way through leaching control and recycling and OMW utilization, nutrients build up will be achieved.
  • A greenhouse of 12 meters wide and 100 m long will be constructed for the sun drying systems, above the sun drying ditch. Specific constructions for the movement of the turner will be included together with roof spraying systems and aeration systems in the roof for moisture removal.


  • A greenhouse 5 m wide by 10 m long on the top for storing the products of the various stages and through that managing the sun drying process in a more effective way.
  • A Fence and a gate for the protection of the demonstration unit
  • A land development and an internal road for the accessibility of the machine and trucks in the pilot unit

Major Equipment will include:

  • Plastic tanks of 10 m3 (HDPE) will be introduced in at least 10 to 15 farmers, in the demonstration area for collecting the manure, mainly from cows. It is estimated to be able to collect between 200 and 300 tons of manure per year. This manure will be mainly in liquid form, with 10 to 15 % solids. Works for the placement of the tanks and the connection with the sewage system of the stables will be included here.
  • A sun drying system for the above described green house. It will be the single most expensive equipment of the project since a full scale one will be ordered. The cost of ordering a smaller custom made is almost the same where delays and technical problems might appear.

Furthermore the above portable unit will be used (external assistance) during the operation of the pilot unit:

  • A self powered turner with a minimum pile height of 1.3 to 1.5 m and an operational width of 3.0 m.
  • A small - medium size front loader with a front bucket of minimum 250 L volume
  • A small - medium size rotating or vibrating screen with a minimum capacity of 5 to 10 m3 / h in a 10 mm screen. Preferably the screen size should be changeable.
  • A high performance grinder that can operate in different size end product. All precautions for dust control during grinding, should be included in the specifications.

Also some scientific equipment as well as monitoring and recording devices will be needed, together with some PC (laptop or desktops) for monitoring on site the progress and operation of the pilot unit.


  • A complete pilot plan that will allow both testing, evaluating and finalising the managing system, including
    • An open air, composting unit
    • Four 10 m3 subsurface plastic tanks
    • A greenhouse for the sun drying systems
    • A greenhouse for storing the products
    • Plastic tanks of 10 m3
    • Sun drying system
    • A contract with a supplier for the use of the above equipment till the end of the project
  • One (1) self power turner
  • One (1) front loader
  • One (1) rotating or vibrating screen
  • One (1) grinder