• Disseminate to the general public.  
  • Disseminate to persons and organisations related to wastes production and management, fertilisers production and distribution, and of course potential end users.
  • Disseminate to the academia world wide the novel approach implemented here and the knowledge and experience acquired regarding a variety of issues as for example the environmental benefit, the effect in the cultivations, the quality characteristics of the end product etc.


Dissemination is one of the most important sections of the CONDENSE project for two main reasons: a) local economical communities and mainly growers, farmers and agricultural consumables outlets owners, and b) possible investors and people or organisations interested in taking this up to the next level. Some of the most important dissemination actions are listed here:

  • Dissemination products (leaflets, posters, CDs & DVDs etc) target principally the local population, but will also be used for a broader presentation of the project in Greece, the UK and the EU (e.g. mailing of brochures to selected list of recipients, presentation in conferences or other suitable venues, etc).
  • Notice boards, In the beginning of the project, notice boards will be erected at the DCWGR Office, Pilot unit construction place, RWG office, farm of TEI Crete and farm of UOL. Furthermore during project implementation, respective number of notice boards will be erected at the farms which will be selected for the product application monitoring
  • The website and the electronic newsletter, in Greek and in English, serve for a widespread dissemination of the project results. In addition, design of the website will take into account the goal of facilitating interaction with the local population (public consultation); an e-forum with interactive features will be available towards this purpose. The website will be operational 6 months from the project start and for 5 years after the end of the project.
  • Press conferences / releases and broadcasting of the documentary video in national TV target mass audiences in Greece.
  • Organization of an international conference in Greece (probably in Pyrgos). A conference with emphasis on Agro-industrial Wastes Management will be conducted in Leeds within the projects framework.
  • Organization of an international conference in Leeds. A conference with emphasis on Alternative Nutrients Sources for Modern Agriculture will be conducted in Leeds within the projects framework.
  • Presentations in international conferences and publications in scientific outlets (journals, etc) will help reaching the academic and policy community outside Greece.
  • The training courses will be the main instrument for reaching selected actors (farmers and growers unions and cooperation, fertilisers producing organisations etc) from all over Europe. This aims in reducing their hesitation towards the CONDENSE Managing System and allow the creation of a full scale unit as soon as possible.
  • The Five Manuals will be developed and presented freely to the public through the project website:
  1. Scale up Manual.
  2. Design Manual
  3. Managing Manual
  4. Promotion Manual
  5. Farmers’ Manual
  • As far as the General Public (means people outside the growers and farmers communities as well as the Agricultural Engineers and the Olive Oil Mills owners) dissemination must include them in an effort to understand the environmental and economical importance of the CONDENSE Managing System. Under this perspective the following actions will be conducted:
    • A general leaflet for the public which will include information regarding the general environmental effect (as well as the relevant production benefits) of the fertilisers use.
    • A series of informative events in the four cities in which the partners are based meaning, Pyrgos (DCWGR), Heraklion (TEIC), Chania (TUC) and Leeds (UOL).
    • Open day events in the pilot unit aiming mostly in interested in the subject citizens and schools. Regarding the last part, activities will be developed for different school ages inside the pilot unit.
    • A number of videos of the process through the web site aiming to the general public which probably ignores issues related with manure and OMW management

    Regarding the dissemination actions aiming to the academia:

    • An International Conference. These will be organised by the RWG aiming in communication with not just the academia but also the technical society.
    • Proceedings of International Conference. Participation in similar conferences organised by other institutes and authorities in order to disseminate in a far more active way the results of the CONDENSE project.
    • Scientific publications. It is estimated that at least three to four publications to high quality international scientific journals will be produced mainly by TEIC, TUC and UOL during the project’s realisation.

    Among the final deliverables of the CONDENSE project towards the monitoring authority will be a dissemination report with all the material (copies of articles, press releases, etc) utilised, as well as with the estimation of citizens, organisations, authorities, scientists etc informed through the actions.


    • Disseminate the results and the experiences gained though the project to the general public, including local population as well as citizens in other areas of the world.  
    • Disseminate to persons and organisations related to agriculture and horticulture, the experience and knowledge acquired during the realisation of this proposal.
    • Disseminate to the academia world wide, the novel approach implemented here and the knowledge and experience acquired.